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About Us

Here at Advent Lutheran Church, we are a tight knit family. We strive to always have open arms to each person that walks into our doors. As you walk into these doors, you will feel a comfort like no other as you are in the presence of the Lord and are surrounded by loving people. 


As a Lutheran Church, we are part of the North American Lutheran Church also known as the NALC. We are part of a small southern community where there are churches all over. In our town of Kings Mountain, Advent was born by the efforts of people who were unhappy with the churches they were attending and created a church of their own. This shows how we are different than other churches. Not only are we one of the youngest churches in Kings Mountain, but we were formed by a group of people who were seeking this same comfort in a positive family oriented church.

Our Leaders
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Pastor Samar Ghandour


Jason Burrows, Treasurer; Kimberla Burrows, Secretary, Estelle Grabert, President; Sandra Stirewalt, Vice President

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