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Our Ministries

These pictures represent some of our Ministries you can join as a member of Advent Lutheran Church. We have 9 ministry teams that you can review in the ministry teams drop down tab. They each have a unique job in the functioning of the church. These ten groups create all of the events, music, youth sessions, fellowship, and budgets for the church as a whole. Most members are a part of at least one of our ministry teams. Our teams make our church more organized and functional even in unexpected circumstances. We believe that our groups help our church stay balanced and successful.

council pic.jpg

Church Council

Each Church Council member is elected by written ballot. Church Council is what makes the leadership at Advent Lutheran Church. They also have a mission of keeping all members active and comfortable in the church. They insure the upkeep and morals of the church and its members. 


The Children's Ministry is committed to an educational philosophy which is focused on Christ. This objective shall be accomplished with the guidance of the Church Council and Pastor by administering all aspects of Sunday School Programs. We strive to educate the youth at Advent in the ways of Christianity and help guide them into adulthood. 

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Finance's mission is to manage the monetary offerings given in honor of God's glory. They prepare and present a congregational budget to the Church Council at the times needed. They also provide guidance to where Advent should spend money and where the financial trends point.


Fellowship's purpose is to nurture relationships in the life of our congregation by sharing Christ's fellowship. Planning dinners and activities for the congregation to do together outside of regular scheduled services. This also includes inviting non-members and un-churched to these events.

Credit Assessment


Missions' objectives are accomplished by: identify and address community, state, national, and global mission needs such as helping others who have been victim to tragedy such as natural disasters and other personal tragedies. 

Worship and Music

This team provides our worship and celebration of God's graces with the sacraments of Holy Communion and Baptism. They plan the music for sermons with the pastor and pianist. They also coordinate music to special events that Advent hosts.

Music Sheets and a Cross


The stewardship team has the responsibility of taking care of the church as well as keep everything at Advent organized. Keeping a church well put together ensures the swift process of the church.


Our property team makes sure that the church's maintenance and chores are completed. This usually means keeping the landscape clean as well as the separate buildings on the church property.


evangelism 1.jpg

The evangelism team is responsible to share the word of God with other members of the community. They are our outreach to everyone around our church. 

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